Monday, April 21, 2008

Walking in the way of cars

Red Line - Western Ave

Tomorrow, from 10 am - 5pm, Wilshire Blvd will be closed.

Okay, so it's only the small section of Wilshire (0.3 miles) that calls itself the "Wilshire Center". But it is in honor of Earth Day, one of LA's few officially declared car free days (not to be confused with world car free day on September 22nd).

So ditch the car. Ditch work. And come find me in the crowd*.

There's a bike raffle, live music, free reusable grocery bags, and the whole event kicks off the start of the Wilshire Cool District Program created by the Wilshire Center Business Improvement Corporation. The Wilshire Cool District is a commitment to reduce the area's carbon footprint by 2% a year for 40 years.

* I may or may not be there, depending on how quickly I get out of Jury Duty. More on that later.

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