Friday, April 04, 2008

Frank 'N Hank's

Metro Bus 207 - Western Ave/5th Street

Tucked away behind the classic Cocktails sign on Western Blvd. is a little dive bar where the drinks are cold, the people are friendly, and the lights are dark. Local watering holes should all be like this.

Cheap beer and drinks?

Kitschy drink glasses?

Christmas lights?

Red vinyl?

Regulars playing pool in the back?

Flashy dart board in the middle of the action?

Jukebox with everything from Jimmy Buffet, to Abba1, to No Doubt?

Bus stops nearby2 so that you don't have to worry about parking or a DUI?
Check and check.

A big screen TV in the corner plays sports when there is a game on and Jeopardy when there is nothing else to watch. Frank 'n Hank's bartender, Snow, will remember your favorite drink (and pour it strong), help you find something to eat (no bar food here, not even peanuts), warn you about parking in the lot next door (not a problem when you take the bus), and walk out for a cigarette break with the rest of the regulars.

There isn’t a theme to the bar or the customers. Come in your work clothes or wearing jeans and a t-shirt. You can walk in with twenty bucks and walk out a few drinks and a few hours happier. There aren't many places in LA where you can do that.

1If you select Dancing Queen, prepare to be teased mercilessly by the regulars.

2Local busses stop right at the corner, or walk a few blocks south to Wilshire/Western for the subway or the rapid 720


edith said...

We finally learn the real reason Bawdy is a bud rider. It has nothing to do with making an anti-war statement, or doing the environmentally-conscious thing, or gaining a new kind of independence not offered by cars. The real reason is that Bawdy has a serious drinking habit. What we don't know is if Bawdy has made the choice because he knows it is the moral thing to do (i.e., don't drink and drive) or because he got a SDUI (squirrel driving under the influence). Some mysteries always remain.

Bawdy the Squirrel said...

One of these days, I will have to talk about the whys of not having a car. For now I'll simply reassure you that, while siblings and friends have stumbled their ways into DUIs, I have never had one, thankyouverymuch.

Although not having to worry about one does make the happy hour scene much more fun.