Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Nat’l Park

Metro Rapid 704 – Bundy Drive

So, you ask me, how does it feel to be a national hero, to have your home transformed into a National Park and people worshipping the sidewalks you walk down?

Good, I say. It feels pretty darn good.

That’s right. My home, or at least the adjacent traffic triangle, has been declared an official Islands of LA Nat’l Park.

But, you might ask, what is an Islands of LA Nat’l Park?

Well, according to the art project, Islands of LA, little traffic islands have been declared National Parks as "a symbol of the treasure of everyday urbanism in our unique democracy". Their artistic antics are designed to, like most urban art, provide the inspiration for discussion and an examination of how we use the materials – or, in this case, public spaces – and encourage interaction. The Islands of LA designation was announced with the placement of commemorative signs, such as the one gracing my park, at 200 different traffic islands across LA.

Alongside their Islands of LA project, they have also participated in Newtown’s Hugely Tiny Festival with a little traffic island float, placed signs encouraging art and passed out mini-postcards of Traffic Island.

The oddities surrounding my little park (fenced in to keep out you pesky humans!) have been the subject of other public art stunts in the past, including Heavy Trash’s Stair to Park project.

I’m just glad to finally get the recognition I so clearly deserve.

Next stop, commemorative coins.


edith said...


Well, I do agree that national park designation has occurred not a moment to soon, but I wonder whether this may not have unintended consequences.

Are you not worried, for instance, that your carefully hidden, underground nut reservoirs will not suddenly become illegal and inaccessible now that your home has received federal protection status? I just don't know if this is such a good idea.

Which brings me to ask you, Bawdy: are you a big or small government kind of squirrel? What are you political leanings, exactly?

Bawdy the Squirrel said...

Ah, but by becoming a national park, my little island no longer runs the risk of becoming a Starbucks! (a distinct possibility, since there is already a Starbucks across the street. I've heard those things spread quickly from one block to the next.)

My nut reservoirs are safe and intact. They have been moved to a secure, unmarked location, far from prying eyes.

As for politics: I try to avoid these in civilized discussion, but I am a small kind of squirrel, and supporter of the green party. It's the only party I've found whose members aren't likely to eat, shoot, or inadvertently poison a squirrel.