Sunday, August 19, 2007

TOFUZILLA! (Tofu meets its perfect match)

Metro Red Line - Pershing Square

[Oh! My Goodness! You shall never win while TOFUZILLA stands!]

[He grows! Taller, more powerful, as we speak!]

[Never fear! We shall fight the mighty tofu! All powerful forks! And chopsticks!]

[You are brave, little one. Go forth! Fight the mighty firm TOFUZILLA!]

[Without victory, I shall not return!]

Welcome to the LA Tofu Festival. There may indeed be 101 Things to do with Tofu within these two blocks of Little Tokyo.

Once a year, those who love the soy bean in all its cubist glory gather here to shop, eat, and be sunburned together.

To enjoy such soylebrations as Soy Wax and TofuBots.

Somehow the people here know how to make the squishy white blocks sound naturally kinky.

They also know how to have exhibits and tables dedicated to things you never imagined existed.

This guy to your right (standing behind me) belongs to the Dongguk Royal University.

He is advertising a "Gift of Health to Our Community" consisting of one free tongue acupuncture. Unfortunately, I can't take advantage of this offer. Sadly, my teeth get in the way.

Beneath the giveaways and merchandise are the people at the Little Tokyo Service Center. Their focus on local development, housing, and social services creates a strong neighborhood network, where the volunteers are proud to work with families as they grow through the generations and enhance the surrounding community.

The tofu festival is one of their many community events, and is a highlight of the Nisei Week Celebration in Little Tokyo. You can meet friends here, whether hanging out in the beer garden, or stopping by the fat rabbit farm.

And, of course, you can enjoy Tofu. From noodles to margaritas, pizza to BBQ, the combinations are plentiful (though not necessarily vegetarian).

Just be ready to wait in line.

[TOFUZILLA met his match, certainly!]

[He is eaten! We must all rejoice!]