Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Big Moveoutski

Metro Express Line 445 - Pacific Ave / 3rd

I have to admit, I’m a bit of a beach nut. I need to be near the water, which is why I spent so much time in West Los Angeles and Santa Monica.

You haven’t heard from me in quite some time. Well, that is because I’ve been in the process of moving. It takes a long time for a little squirrel to move across town, even with my bus pass.

I found this little town called San Pedro. It is just across the water from Long Beach. From my new place I can walk down to the harbor and visit the sea gulls, or check out the starfish. I can ride the old Red Cars on the weekends, and even go for hikes around the cliffs. And I can still catch the bus and be downtown in about thirty minutes (my bus stop even has its own burger joint, which is a coffee shop in the morning).

It’s a pretty nice little area, perfect for me. And while there are plenty of locals, not very many people in Los Angeles know very much about San Pedro.

You know how much I like telling you about places you haven’t explored.

The only downside is that there aren’t as many trees here as there were in West LA. But I’m working on that too.