Sunday, September 03, 2006

Wilshire - Fairfax: Consider This

When you ride the bus, you can do crazy things, like crash an art party on the spur of the moment, without having to worry about the high cost of parking and car thieves. Which is, of course, exactly what I did.

LACMA West...well, I have no real idea what LACMA West is. I know that it is West of the actual LACMA building, which is easily identifiable by the grandiose architecture and river-lake-fountains leading up to and surrounding it. Or, by the giant signs reading LACMA > in front of the construction/gaping hole which will one day be a new LACMA (middle?). The only information I could find on LACMA West in my extensive five second search for information is that it used to be a May Company and was purchased by LACMA in 1991-2.1

Side Note: Amazingly, does not exist. I suggest
that someone purchase that domain immediately and begin ruthlessly dismantling the exhibits hosted at LACMA West. Because really, what fun is art if you can't criticize it?

Oh, yeah, we were supposed to be considering it.

LACMA West is also better-known as the building which once housed the King Tut exhibit, which did not contain King Tut at all (and therefore should be submitted to questions about truth in advertising).

Right now it appears to house an exhibit dedicated to the futility of modern art. Or a workshop designed to expand the average white, privileged mind as other white, liberal privileged minds believe it should be expanded. One of those two.

The exhibit is tentatively titled "Consider This..." although the punctuation varies according to publication. I attended it in the midst of what was, apparently, a very private birthday party. Luckily, as with most parties, there was no one there who knew everyone else, so I was allowed to explore uninhibited.
So, let's consider:

Important questions......facilitate factitious replies...
...without sufficient answers...
...which lead to...

...and an over-use of elipses.

Also known as "art".


Those of you looking for real artists, click here.

Those of you searching for real answers need not apply.

1 General Information > About LACMA (

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